Radio controlled models make great gifts for kids.

They are a good way to have fun, instead of playing video games all day ! RC cars, trucks, buggy’s are a great way to have fun together in the back garden or local park, don’t get me wrong this is a serious hobby that adult and teenagers also love to use there models and there are race tracks you can take your rc car to, also there are clubs and hobby events. what ever you choose you’ll have a fun packed time over and over.

Electric RC cars are a easier way to start for children between 5 yrs to 6 yrs old and if your new to this superb hobby then you may want to consider working with the electric models first, as these are easy to use and maintain. In fact you only need to give your vehicle a general wipe down to clear off mud and dirt and occasional oil the parts, so the maintenance is minimal and ideal for children.

Just charge up the battery pack and your off racing around having a awesome time with a choice of “on road rc cars, rc trucks, buggys and off road truggys that will amaze you how great these hobby grade models are. Whatever type of model you choose its guaranteed to give you hours of fun and here at cool nitro cars .com we have a great selection of models for everyone and we only sell high quality hobby grade products at the lowest prices around. All our models have parts that can be bought if needed so it wont in up in the bin if it crashes or a part breaks and given to the nature of this hobby its easy to crash it into a wall and need a simple part replaced. So go look though our great range of radio controlled models and grab yourself a unbeatable deal we know you’ll love and bundles of fun.

RC Nitro’s

Nitro RC cars are great fun but is also a serious hobby.If your considering buying a nitro powered RC vehicle or a gas powered remote control cars then firstly- they are more expensive as you will need nitro or gasoline fuel, a glow start and oil and time to time if you crash a nitro at high speed then your going to need parts and devote some time to maintain your nitro RC. But the rewards a nitro brings is second to none and go to speeds of 60/70mph and you can always upgrade to a better specification later on when you have gained some experience.

Nitro rc cars are for ages of 14+ as nitro fuel is flammable and other elements of running a nitro model. Also there is a lot more maintenance and time needed like fueling up and making sure all screws are tight, fresh batteries and tuning. A great way to learn about nitros is to buy a (self build ) nitro RC car. This is a good way to learn and see how it goes together and how all the parts work, the build time is 8 / 12 hours on average and you’ll enjoy building our great models as they come all labeled to each stage and a full detailed UK instruction manual that is put together in a step by step stage.

Nitro radio controlled cars are possibly the most popular cars of choice because of their incredible performance and the intoxicating noise that they make. Some of them can reach speeds of up to 70mph with blistering acceleration and amazing handling. However, they need a lot of maintenance and cleaning. For someone new to the sport, the initial setting up could be a little frustrating and you need to allow time for regular cleaning and maintenance. But once you gain some experience, this will become second nature to you.

The final type of radio controlled car you could consider are petrol RC cars. These really are the daddies of the radio controlled car world and are simply huge! They come in 1/5th and 1/4 scale size and are powered by powerful 2 stroke engines which gives them incredible performance for their size. They can reach speeds of up to 50 mph and they also sound amazing which makes them the most desirable area of this sport.